The 2017 annual Convocation of the Atlantic Mission District was held at St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Camp Hill, PA on October 13 & 14.

The theme for this year was God’s Abundance in Our Congregations.  Pastor Brad Hales was the Keynote Speaker.  His presentation was entitled Discipling in the Local Congregation – It’s All About Spiritual Growth!  There were two break-out sessions.  One was entitled How Big Is Your Net? and was led by Pastor Peter DeBartolo.  The other ws entitled Missional Community to a New Reformation and was led by Pastor Craig Moorman.

Pastor Brad Hales

Pastor Peter DeBartolo

Pastor Craig Moorman

The panel on Saturday morning



Pastor David McGettigan was unanimously elected to serve as Dean for the Atlantic Mission District for three years.  Pastor Jim DeLong and Ms. Sarah Raley were also elected to serve for a three year term on the Atlantic Mission District Council.

Dean David McGettigan



We “stuffed the truck” for Disaster Response.  In fact, so much was brought to St. Timothy that Mary Bates (NALC Disaster Response coordinator) could only take half of what was brought.  She had to come back the following week to pick up the rest of the donations!  All that was collected at our Convocation will be sent to Puerto Rico.

Stuffing the truck for Disaster Response

Waiting to unload a pick up truck full of Disaster Relief items

The Dean offering prayer for those affected by the storms and for safe delivery of the donated items.

Giving thanks and sending prayers for those whose lives were affected by recent hurricanes



Great worship, great food and great fellowship abounded!

Pastor Keith Eslinger leading Evening Prayer.

Eucharist worship leaders

Lunch time

Supper time

Listening to Pr. Moorman’s presentation

Listening to Pr. DeBartolo

The Dean making introductions

Fellowship together