Raising Jesus: the Skeptics Guide to Faith” is an apologetics website started by NALC pastor E.J. Sweeney which is designed for anyone who wants to examine the evidence for Christian faith in a fresh and unfiltered way.  By showing how mind-blowing the evidence for Christianity is, it enables believers to deepen their relationship with Jesus.  It also enables believers to share their faith more powerfully.  Speaking the Skeptic’s language, it could just as easily have been called “The Believer’s Guide to Talking with Skeptics about the Evidence for Christian Faith”!  read more

So please visit www.RaisingJesus.com and join us as we “Raise” Jesus up on this Skeptic’s Guide to Faith.  And please follow us on Facebook to stay updated.


The companion book to the website ‘Raising Jesus: the Skeptic’s Guide to Faith in the Resurrection’ is now available on Amazon. To read more about this book click here.  To order click here